Are you looking for adventure in Querétaro? Camp Jabalí is the right place for you


If you are looking for adventure and extreme activities, in this place you can find it, and you will also have an incredible time.

Located near the Extoraz river canyon, El Jabalí has ​​six luxury safari-type cabins. The highlight of this camp is the arrival by ATV from the town of San Joaquín; it passes through rivers, canyons, forests, and both wilds. You can also visit the Bucareli mission.

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How to get?

Arrival at the Jabalí is by ATV, the car is left in San Joaquín. To get to San Joaquín, drive along federal highway 57 México-Querétaro, take the deviation towards Sierra Gorda and follow federal highway 120 San Juan del Río-Xilitla. Ezequiel Montes, Cadereyta and Vizarrón pass. Then take the deviation towards San Joaquín. From Santiago de Querétaro it is 136 km, about two hours. If you don’t want the ATV tour, you can ask to be taken by truck.


The main attraction of El Jabalí camp is the ATV tour that opens the trip. Starting from San Joaquín, you enter the forest, traveling the route of the conquerors and crossing the surprising landscapes of this virgin land.

At the end of the tour, you will arrive at the camp where comfortable luxury cabins await you. Dining and resting are the other two privileged activities.


For updated costs please call. The cost includes three meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast), one night of lodging in a luxury cabin-type safari, a basic training course for ATVs, and the tour.
Reservations and contact form
The cell phone of the camp is (045) 441 107 2239.

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