Queretaro bans the mutilation of animals


After the State Congress, through the  Environment Commission, approved a reform to the Animal Protection Law of the State of Querétaro to prohibit mutilations in animals, now it was the turn of the 59th State Legislature to vote on this theme; who unanimously cataloged the modification of the animal’s appearance (without curative purposes) as a cruel practice.

Therefore, those who carry out mutilations such as cutting ears, tails, extraction of teeth, nails, removing vocal cords, etc., will be sanctioned. In summary, the sanctions will be for any person who performs surgical interventions on animals, which are not intended to preserve their health or prevent their reproduction.

Mutilación estética en perros | Mundo Perros

The ban will take effect once it is published in La Sombra de Arteaga.

Source: queretanizate.com

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