From Isla Tzibanzá to Peña de Bernal: four fabulous destinations to visit in Querétaro


This entity has picturesque colonial streets, vineyards and even adventure sites

In the middle of colonial streets, vineyards, adventure, and even cultural sites, Querétaro is one of the fascinating entities to know and take a good tour. The good news is that if you live in Mexico City, the drive to get there is approximately two and a half hours.

It has a bit of everything, to pamper young and old, from places to swim, perform extreme activities, to take tours of its cobbled streets or visit restaurants, museums and buy crafts.

Next we will reveal four of the best tourist places that this entity houses, located in the north of central Mexico.

The Peña de Bernal has an approximate height of 300 meters.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)The Peña de Bernal has an approximate height of 300 meters. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Peña de Bernal

With an approximate height of 300 meters, this great rock formation is located in the Sierra Gorda queretana and is one of the most visited sites at any time of year, but especially during the Spring Equinox, every March 21, because the nature of the place allows loading of energy in its surroundings.

People with an adventurous spirit will be able to arrive by car or motorcycle to the viewpoint of the area and then walk up to the top to marvel at the beautiful panoramic views that will undoubtedly remain in the memory.

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You can also hire a guide to show you how to rappel down, that is, with special equipment and with the help of ropes to the slopes of the place.

This monolith is considered the third-largest in the world, only after the Rock of Gibraltar, located in Spain, or the Sugarloaf Mountain, located in Brazil.

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At the foot of the rock is Villa de Bernal, a Magical Town of beautiful portals, irregular cobbled streets, inns, restaurants, museums, handicrafts, snack stalls, and picturesque houses without equal, where you can enjoy a good day.

Tzibanzá Island in Querétaro.  (Photo: queretaro.gob)Tzibanzá Island in Querétaro. (Photo: queretaro.gob)

Tzibanzá Island

Considered the paradisiacal place of Querétaro, Tzibanzá Island is a beautiful ecotourism camp surrounded by vegetation, luxurious cabins, located in the middle of the waters of the Zimapán dam, which also borders the city of Hidalgo.

It is located in the community of Tzibanzá, the municipality of Cadereyta de Montes, a Magical Town that was incorporated in 2011, recognized for its architectural and baroque style. In addition, exceptional venues such as its monumental churches and temples decorated with red quarry give a different touch.

One of the attractions of this destination is to start a kayak or boat tour, as well as hiring an expert to tour the entire dam until arriving at the incredible Taxhidó springs of crystal clear water in Tecozautla, Hidalgo.

The costs to stay in one of these cabins range from 1,200 pesos to 1,400 per person approximately

Querétaro is recognized for its Cheese and Wine Festival.  (Shutterstock)Querétaro is recognized for its Cheese and Wine Festival. (Shutterstock)

Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

In addition to being a magical town, Tequisquiapan is characterized by being a place that offers tranquility throughout the year.

From ” Tequis ” you can hire a hot air balloon tour of up to one hour, a dream tour that cannot be missed. According to internet sites in the area, the costs range from 2,500 for adults and 1,900 for children between the ages of 4 and 9.

Fiestas, ferias y clima en Tequisquiapan, Pueblo Mágico de Querétaro

This Magical Town named this way since 2012, offers the traditional Cheese and Wine Festival, during the weekends of May and June, where you can taste the best cheese and wine products in the region, as well as visit a vineyard to find out how this drink is made that enchants many.

Strolling through its picturesque streets or visiting a hot spring spa are the best options to enjoy.

Sierra Gorda biosphere reserve

This fascinating reserve is a protected natural area, located northeast of Querétaro, where you can see a great variety of species of flora and fauna. It houses protected and endangered species such as jaguars, green macaws, and Humboldt butterflies.

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It also has some areas of tourist attraction such as the Chuveje waterfall or the El Jabalí camp, as well as rivers, streams or wooded areas that will impact.

ESTUDIA IPN CALIDAD DE AGUA - Plaza de Armas | Querétaro

The reserve includes some municipalities of Arroyo Seco, Jalpan de Serra and Landa de Matamoros.

Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra Gorda, dentro de los mejores 100 destinos -  Brunoticias


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