A week of rains, strong winds, and high temperatures is coming for Querétaro


Light rains are expected in the 18 municipalities; Winds of up to 25 kilometers per hour are forecast and temperatures will reach up to 35 degrees Celsius

This week rains, strong winds and high temperatures are expected in the state of Querétaro, said Gabriel Bastarrachea Vázquez, State Coordinator of Civil Protection.

He explained that from today until Wednesday light rains and electrical activity are expected in the 18 municipalities.

He also explained that due to a low pressure channel and atmospheric instability, winds are forecast to exceed 25 kilometers per hour.

He also indicated that in the metropolitan area of ​​Querétaro temperatures between 13 and 30 degrees Celsius are expected; in the southern zone from 9 to 23; in the semi-desert from 12 to 28; in the upper parts of the Sierra from 9 to 25; and Jalpan from 17 to 35 degrees.

Source: amqueretaro.com

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