What day will be cold? Weather in Querétaro TODAY and this weekend: it will rain at this time.

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Conagua announced on its official social media accounts that it is maintaining surveillance in the areas of the Caribbean Sea, as there is a low pressure zone associated with a tropical wave that increases the probability of cyclonic development by 20%. This will bring rain in various parts of the country, especially in the east-southeast of Quintana Roo. The effects of this climatic phenomenon are moving westwards, how will this affect the weather in Querétaro today, Saturday, June 29?

In general, we anticipate that Conagua anticipated climatic phenomena associated with fog banks and some electrical discharges. In the case of the former, these are expected for the northern, eastern, central and southern areas of the entity; as for the latter, electrical storms could take place in territories adjacent to areas of Querétaro, such as San Luis Potosí.

What is the weather like in Querétaro today, Saturday, July 29?

The National Meteorological System anticipates very cloudy skies in Querétaro for this Friday; This will bring with it a high probability of rain, up to 50%, so don’t forget your umbrella. According to the forecast, 5 liters per m2 could fall. Precipitation could fall at night. As for the temperature, we will have a maximum of 26 and a minimum of 14 degrees Celsius.

Weather forecast for tomorrow in Querétaro

Cloudy skies will continue, as well as a high probability of rain in Querétaro. Again, we will have a 90% probability, as well as a possible fall of 14 liters per m2. As for the temperature, we will rise two degrees, so the maximum will be 26 and the minimum 14 degrees Celsius.

What will the weather be like in Querétaro in the following days?

The weather in Querétaro this weekend will be cloudy and with a high probability of showers (90%), so prepare your favorite hot drink and your blanket to enjoy many movies from the comfort of your bed or couch. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about the heat, as the temperature could drop to 19 degrees Celsius and remain at a minimum of 14.

Source: aztecaqueretaro