Pride march in Querétaro will start from Mirador de los Arcos


The month of June is dedicated to the LGBT+ community, the date commemorates the Stonewall riots (New York, USA) of 1969, which mark the beginning of the gay liberation movement

This Saturday, June 15, groups, activists and members of the LGBT + community of Querétaro will take to the streets of the Historic Center to continue to make themselves visible and demand their rights to live a life without discrimination of any kind.

The groups and attendees will depart from the Mirador de los Arcos at 3:00 p.m. and will walk through the main streets of the Historic Center until they reach the Guerrero Garden where they will give their speech and position.

Why is the community marching?

In these marches held throughout the Mexican territory, the largest and most significant being the one held in Mexico City, these meetings are held to raise awareness of respect and inclusion of society in general for people of any type of sexual orientation.

In the peaceful meeting they usually give space to activities such as social or political demands that identify the participating groups.

Nowadays, once the laws penalizing homosexual practices have been overcome in many countries around the world, decriminalization is being demanded in the rest of the world and other issues in which there is discrimination against homosexuals are being addressed, such as the legalization of marriage between persons of the same sex or the establishment of homoparental families including the adoption of children by homosexual persons, respect for the sexual identity of transsexual persons and their rights to legal change of sex and name and rights to hormonal, surgical, etc. treatments. In addition, transphobia and homo/lesbophobia that still exist are being denounced.

In Querétaro, associations such as “The Querétaro Front for the Right to Non-Discrimination and the Secular State” have defended the right of the community such as the publication of the reform to the Penal Code to prohibit Efforts to Correct Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (ECOSIG), commonly known as “conversion therapies.” In this way, the entity is the 15th in the country to legislate and punish these practices that mainly affect LGBT+ girls, boys and adolescents.

Source: diariodequeretaro