One of the murderers of a Canadian woman in Querétaro is arrested


The Attorney General of the State of Querétaro reported that the man was brought to trial for the crime of qualified homicide.

A man identified as El Chivo was arrested and brought to trial as the alleged person responsible for the death of Gabriel Schart, the Canadian woman who was killed when she resisted an assault on the Northeast bypass at a Querétaro bus stop while defending her truck where her dogs were.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Querétaro reported that the man was brought to trial for the crime of qualified homicide, for the events that occurred on March 16, and was also given the precautionary measure of preventive detention.

“Simultaneously and with the information gathered by police officers and forensic personnel, specialized prosecutors requested and obtained from the judicial authority a search warrant, as well as an arrest warrant, which were carried out by PID elements.”

The detainee was brought before a control judge, who, after hearing the arguments of this Prosecutor’s Office, brought the defendant to trial and imposed the precautionary measure of preventive detention during the criminal process.

Gabriele Schart lived in Zipolite, Oaxaca, until her mother’s illness forced her to return to her native Canada, so she intended to take advantage of the trip to take with her a few furry animals that she would give up for adoption to families in her native country: a kitten and four dogs named Rosa, Lucky, Rosa and Zafira.

But the insecurity on the road frustrated Schart’s trip. A group of assailants intercepted her while she was making an express stop so that the furry animals could stretch their legs, opening fire on her after she refused to hand over the van in which she was transporting them.

Three of the dogs fled, one and the kitten remained in the vehicle, while their owner lost her life.

Days later the victim’s son arrived in Mexico to identify the victim’s body and returned for the boxer dog Rubi and the kitten, whom he sent to Zipolite; the other, Rosa, has already been rescued and one is still to be located; because another lost her life.

Source: milenio