The famous Candlelight concerts arrive in Querétaro


Querétaro will exude with music and candles thanks to the exciting Candlelight concerts

Candlelight expands its repertoire in Querétaro with new and incredible tributes to classical music, pop, rock and soundtracks – check here all the upcoming Candlelight concerts

Enter a room bathed in thousands of candles and enjoy the chords resonating in your body.

A musical experience that comes from the hand of Candlelight Querétaro, the series of live concerts by candlelight with which to live a magical, intimate and unforgettable night in honor of the greatest artists: from Vivaldi and Queen, to Coldplay!

One of the settings for Candlelight in Querétaro is the historic Casona de los 5 Patios in the city center.

Candlelight: Tribute to Queen

The Casona de los 5 Patios ready for a very special concert in honor of the band Queen. Her electric energy, her lyrics full of emotion and the incredible staging are just some of the elements that led her to success and now Candlelight pays tribute to her among thousands of candles. Let yourself be carried away by Killer Queen, Radio Ga Ga and many more songs in an unforgettable night.

Candlelight: Tribute to Queen

July 7, 2024 7:00 PM

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Candlelight: Mozart & Beethoven (JUNE 15, 2024).

The classicism of Mozart and the romanticism of Beethoven will merge into a beautiful ocean of candles in this concert. Tension versus calm, revolution versus tradition. A tribute guided by a string ensemble and worthy of the two great composers. Do you dare to enjoy his masterpieces in a unique way?

Candlelight: Lo Mejor de Mozart y Beethoven

June 15, 2024 7:00 PM

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Source: Secret Media Network