Federal Highway Maintenance Funding Reduced by 90%


The maintenance funding for federal highways in Querétaro was reduced by up to 90%, falling from 600 million pesos to just 60 million, lamented Oscar Hale Palacios, president of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC).

He explained that, in the federal budget comparison, while 600 million annually were allocated for the maintenance of the 600 kilometers of federal roadways in 2018, in 2024 it was only 60 million, which is still one of the “red flags” for the federal government, according to this sector.

“The federal government has not made the proper investment and right now the red flag that exists is in the roadways, which have greatly deteriorated in the maintenance of federal highways,” he highlighted.

However, he pointed out that the state government has contributed to fixing these highways so that there is no negative impact on the people of Querétaro. This is despite the lack of federal budget for construction, as state, municipal, and private construction remains active.

On the same topic, he specified that, with the electoral process, investments tend to wait for the results and therefore construction is paused. However, he acknowledged that it is a positive year, as there has been a growth of 4% compared to the previous year, so there are favorable expectations by the end of the first half.

Source: Publimetro