Querétaro: Municipal officials suspended for abuse of authority: Videos


The municipal governments of Querétaro and Ezequiel Montes announced sanctions against public servants for engaging in acts of abuse of authority that were videotaped.

In the first case, police officers from Ezequiel Montes unjustifiably beat a young man they had detained and subdued; in the second, an official from the Inspection of Regulations and Shows department of the Querétaro city council struck an artisan woman in the face.

The Public Security Directorate of the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, state of Querétaro, reported that it will impose sanctions against the municipal police officers who were videotaped unjustifiably beating a detained young man who was completely subdued and not resisting.

In a video recorded by a person who witnessed the police abuse, the moment when a young man is subdued by four police officers is seen. At the moment he is handcuffed behind his back, already completely subdued, one of the officers hits him several times on the side of the abdomen. After the assault, they put him in a patrol car.

In a statement of just one paragraph, the municipal police of Ezequiel Montes announced that the officers would be sanctioned.

It was not reported whether the officers were removed from service nor the reason why the assaulted young man was detained or his location.

Inspector from the municipality of Querétaro suspended for hitting a merchant.

For its part, the social communication area of the Querétaro city council announced the suspension of an employee from the Inspection of Regulations and Shows department – without revealing the name – who slapped an indigenous artisan woman in the face last Sunday.

The aggression perpetrated by the now-former municipal official occurred last Sunday on the 5 de Mayo walkway in the historic center of the state capital.

In a video recorded by a tourist, it is seen how the official argued with an artisan woman whom he slapped, causing the woman to collapse on the ground.

This provoked the anger of another artisan, who confronted and also reproached the official. After pointing out that the aggression occurred during an operation to review compliance with the regulations, the municipal government led by the PAN member Luis Nava informed that “no type of aggression against citizens” would be tolerated.”

Source: La Jornada