Qrobús stops improve; they are rehabilitated and clean


The maintenance crew of the Mobility Agency of the State of Querétaro (AMEQ) has carried out rehabilitation actions in 133 stations and public transport stops in the entity.

Of the points intervened, 22 are stops that belong to the delegation of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, where general cleaning work was undertaken; thanks to the new routes that have been added in that area, the number of users has increased, which is why such actions have permeated more Queretans.

Among the main works that are carried out in stops and stations of high density as a measure of reconditioning, are: graffiti removal, paint renewal, furniture replacement, signage installation and general cleaning.

The maintenance crew is a group of people in charge of the AMEQ, who are trained for the performance of their work and have the necessary tools to preserve the optimal conditions of the facilities of the new public transport model in Querétaro.

The agency asked the general public to take care of the infrastructure designed and implemented for their benefit, providing spaces that offer shelter and security during the use of the different mobility alternatives regulated by the same agency.

The AMEQ called on cyclists and the general public who used the confined lane for their transit during these months when it was not used for its purpose, to stop doing so to avoid putting Qrobús users at risk.

Source: El Universal