Accident on the Mexico-Querétaro highway: Which section of the highway is ‘paralyzed’ today?


The Mexico-Querétaro highway registers intense vehicular load and long lines towards Querétaro.

During the early morning an accident occurred on the Mexico-Querétaro highway that has caused long lines of cars.

One day after the national strike of transporters on the country’s roads, the Mexico-Querétaro highway dawned saturated this Friday, February 16.

The intense vehicular load goes from kilometer 39 to 56 due to an accident that has already been attended, according to Caminos y Puentes Federales (Capufe) through its social networks.

The Capufe units and elements of the National Guard (GN) carry out the road operation in the area.

According to its ‘X’ account, Capufe has updated the affected section and assures that it has been reduced.

However, users question this statement because the traffic remains stopped towards Querétaro.

One person even said that they have been standing since 5:30 a.m. before the booth to Tepotzotlán, while others indicate that they have been like this all morning.

Source: El Financiero