Criminal leader arrested in Querétaro was passing through: Kuri


The governor clarified that the operation was carried out only by the federal forces

The man arrested during this week in the municipality of El Marqués in an operation carried out by federal authorities is a man who was passing through the State of Querétaro.

This was mentioned by the governor, Mauricio Kuri González, when answering about this operation that involves an alleged criminal leader belonging to a group from the state of Jalisco.

“In the particular case of this person, I understand that he was passing through, and that is why they arrested him here. The report we have is minimal because it was done one hundred percent by the SEDENA; that is, the federal government. We were not part of the operation,” said Kuri González.

The governor added that there is good coordination with neighboring states through the prosecutors and security secretariats, this is with the exchange of information to be able to act in the best way.

He mentioned that unfortunately the state of Querétaro is a place of passage where anyone enters, although he specified that those who do not commit any crime are welcome and that the work of the authorities is to preserve the security of the people.

Source: Diario de Queretaro