2 accidents reported on the Mexico-Querétaro and Chamapa-Lechería highways


A collision against the containment wall caused two vehicles to catch fire this afternoon on the Mexico-Queretaro highway, at the height of the municipality of Coyotepec.

The first reports indicate that there are two fatalities, while firefighters and personnel from Federal Roads and Bridges work in the area.

There is also the presence of personnel from the National Guard and municipal police guarding the scene and giving traffic in the direction of Mexico City.

Due to the collision of two vehicles, slow progress is registered on the Chamapa-Lechería toll highway. There is no report of seriously injured people.

The accident took place at kilometer 10, shortly after the exit of the Atizapán de Zaragoza toll booth in the direction of Perinorte.

It is a Jeep-type truck and a Sentra sedan, which received the impact on the left side by a third vehicle involved, a cargo truck that fled, the affected reported.

In the first case two cars ended up on fire, with two fatalities. In the second, two vehicles collided, without serious injuries.

bread.Source: El Universal