Cavalry, pride and tradition of Queretaro


For this year, the Patronage of the Fiestas of the State of Queretaro presented “Queretaro in History”, bringing joy to the families who saw the allegorical cars parade with great joy before Christmas Eve.

It was in the year 1926 when within the celebration of the centenary of the biblical cars that are presented on the 23rd and 24th of December, the cavalry was transformed and, from then on, they have exhibited paintings according to the theme that commemorates, as in this 2023 “Queretaro in History”.

With great enthusiasm, Queretans and visitors were able to enjoy the music of the Estudiantina of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, the car of Maria Fernanda II queen of Christmas 2023, La Posada, the mojigangas, the Virgin of Pueblito, the Stiltwalkers, El Acueducto, Muñecas Lele and more contingents.

Among wind music, cheerful carols, lights and comparsas, each of the platforms advanced from their departure on Corregidora Avenue, bringing beautiful moments to the main streets of the historic center of Queretaro.

For many families, Christmas begins here, as explained by Berenice Sanchez, who lives on Hidalgo Street, and mentions that for 50 years her family has gathered to live the tradition.

“Since my children were little we made tamales and atole and it was a joy to go out and see the cars (…) before they passed by Hidalgo and we took out our chairs, today I enjoy it with my grandchildren, children, nephews and brothers … it is already a tradition in our home, here we all meet -more than 50-, because many on the 24th go with their other family and at home we see the Biblical Cars, then we come to dinner, but only to those who have to spend the 24th with us”, he commented.

Just like the Sanchez family, thousands more enjoyed one more year of the tour, where our traditional Caba.

Source: Kiosco OEM