Mi Querétaro Lindo Program serves the Historic Center


As part of the “My Querétaro Lindo” campaign for the rehabilitation and maintenance of public spaces, the cleaning day is carried out in the first square of the Historic Center.

It is intended that over the past two weeks with cleaning of trash cans, erasing graffiti, cleaning the quarry, sweeping, pruning and patching, so that families and visitors have a decent environment for a healthy coexistence.

The Secretary of Public Services, Alejandra Haro de la Torre, indicated that a little more than 60 workers from her department participated in five public spaces: Matamoros walkway, the Guerrero Garden, the Zenea Garden, Plaza Fundadores, as well as the esplanade of the temple of La Cross; with the aim of keeping historical sites clean and attractive, especially during this Christmas season when families enjoy their squares and gardens.

“We made a set of efforts to make this cleaning possible and also mention that the Historic Center is always cleaned. It is not the first day that it has been done, we have already been there for several days and we ask for your support to help us keep it clean. It is also part of receiving the tourists who come this holiday season, so it is so that they find our beautiful Querétaro cleaner,” she said.

Source: Quadratin