In the last 12 months, 33,242 formal jobs were created in Querétaro


In recent November, only 1,582 new formal jobs were created, a figure lower than the 5,205 positions created in October and slightly below the 1,600 that were added in the same month of 2022, reports the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Therefore, in the last 12 months, 33,242 jobs were registered, between November 2022 and the same month in 2023, this figure reflected an annual growth of 4.9 percent.

With this annual variation, Querétaro was placed as the fifth state with the greatest progress among the 32 federal entities, ranking below Quintana Roo (7.5%), Nayarit (6.5%), Chiapas (6.2%) and Hidalgo (5.1%).

Increase in the total number of jobs in Querétaro

In this way, in the last year the state rose from 675,067 jobs registered in the IMSS, in November of the previous year, to 708,309 in the eleventh month of 2023.

From January to November, 39,632 new jobs are accumulated; However, in December a loss of jobs is expected due to seasonal effects; in December 2022 alone, 12,458 positions were lost.

Meanwhile, until November the entity set a record number in the total number of workers registered with the IMSS, with 708,309 accumulated positions, of which 82% are permanent jobs and 18% temporary.

Salary evolution in Querétaro

Until November of this year, the base contribution salary in the state is 582.71 pesos, which reflects an annual growth of 10.6% (56.07 pesos) in relation to November of the previous year when it amounted to 526.64 pesos.

Only in November, the daily salary added 4.77 pesos compared to October, while in the tenth month of the year it fell -1.05 pesos.

Despite the growth in the average salary reported to the IMSS, a gender gap of 15.8% persists in the entity between the average salary received by a man and a woman.

The daily salary for women in the state is around 523.60 pesos, while for men it is 622.21 pesos, as of November.

In that same month, the average salary of women increased annually 10.9% and for men the increase was 10.6 percent.

In Querétaro, the processing industry is the main employer before the IMSS, with a third of the positions with social security, followed by services and commerce, among other activities.

Source: El Economista