Plane crashed in Corregidora


The pilot and only crew member only suffered minor blows that did not put his physical integrity at risk.

A high-risk crash was experienced by the pilot and sole crew member of a Cessna-type light aircraft, which maneuvered to plan and make a forced landing on a vacant lot located on the side of Avenida Prolongación El Jacal, near the Terranova subdivision. in the territory of the municipality of Corregidora.

The Municipal Civil Protection Coordination reported that it was after calling the emergency number that support was requested to deal with the crash of the aircraft, which is why both the aid and security forces were deployed to attend to the plane crash.

Once paramedics arrived at the scene of the crash, they met the pilot who claimed to be the only crew member, so he was immediately treated aboard an ambulance from this corporation to rule out any serious injury and fortunately only some contractures that did not put his physical integrity at risk, which is why he was not transferred to the hospital.

The perimeter where the landing was recorded was cordoned off and under the protection of municipal police. In addition, the aviation and aeronautical authorities were notified to take note to do the corresponding investigations that can determine the possible cause of this accident.

At this point, elements of the Mexican army and the national guard also arrived to take charge of the perimeter until the plane is removed from the private property and avoid any major risk situation.

Source: Diario de Queretaro