Fuel oil train derails in Querétaro; causes spill


Authorities reported that the spill was completely contained, so there was no risk to the population in the vicinity.

A train transporting fuel oil derailed on Saturday in the Hércules area in the capital of Querétaro, causing a fuel spill.

According to the Civil Protection report, there were six cars that derailed the track at Emeterio González Street, a place where emergency authorities arrived.

Four of the tank cars were partially off the railway track and the remaining two were completely overturned, in which a cargo spill was located.

Due to the intervention of the team specialized in emergency response with hazardous materials, the spill was completely contained by the Querétaro Firefighters, so there was no risk to the population in the vicinity.

Fuel oil is a petroleum derivative that is mainly used to light furnaces.

The companies in charge of railway operations are Kansas City Southern and Ferromex, who will be in charge of investigating the causes of the accident and repairing the damage.

Source: Milenio