The Mx Street Photo Fest is here


It will be held in Querétaro from October 26 to December 3 with the participation of photographers from Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Spain, the United States, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Its objective is to show the best of current street photography at a national and international level.

More than 40 photographers from different parts of the world will be part of MX Street Photo Fest, the first street photography festival in Mexico that is based in the capital of Querétaro.

It will take place from October 26 to December 3, with the aim of showing the best of current street photography at a national and international level.

“This festival is a collaborative effort between Mexican photographers to recognize the work of those people who, with their camera and perseverance, decide to share the extraordinary details of everyday life, documenting their surroundings thanks to their keen sense of observation,” it says.

Its first edition will be held at the Querétaro Image Center (CQI), Libertad Gallery and the Manuel Gómez Educational and Cultural Center of Querétaro.

There will be exhibitions, conferences, workshops, photowalks, portfolio readings and more.

Its inauguration will take place this October 26 at the Ceceq facilities, where at 5:30 p.m. the conference The art of taking photos, printing and exhibiting will be given, with the presence of the CQI coordinator, Analí Núñez; the director of the Active School of Photography, Luis Beltrán; the photographers Mónica Garrido and Héctor Muñoz, among other guests.

Source: Diario de Queretaro