El Queretano: This will be the airplane that will promote tourism and culture in Querétaro 


As part of the alliance established between the Querétaro International Airport (AIQ) and Viva Aerobus, an aircraft becomes the new ambassador of Querétaro culture, as announced by the head of the Sustainable Development Secretariat (SEDESU), Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, leading the presentation of the plane “El Queretano”. 

Del Prete pointed out that this unit will carry out more than two thousand flights a year, covering 37 national destinations and nine international ones, including cities in the United States, Colombia, Cuba and Ecuador. 

Likewise, the official pointed out that this project consisted of branding an A320 plane with the main tourist and cultural elements of the state, such as the cheese and wine route, the Lele doll, the Peña de Bernal, all under the motto ” Querétaro, then I found Mexico”. 

Strengthen operations with Viva Aerobus 

On the other hand, Marco Antonio Del Prete reported that, starting in November, a Viva Aerobus plane will spend the night at the AIQ, thus air connectivity operations in the state through the airline will be strengthened. 

It is worth mentioning that these announcements were made known during the CAPA Latin America Aviation & LCCs Summit 2023. 

 Source: Lider Empresarial