Semovi suspends 20 parking lots in the capital of Queretaro 


The mobility department in the municipality of Querétaro has suspended around 20 parking lots and 25 valet parking services, due to different violations of the regulations; reported its owner, Rodrigo Vega Maestre. 

In an interview, he pointed out that among the main faults are not having the opinion of the secretariat, not respecting rates and not having adequate signage. 

     We have around 20 parking suspensions that for some reason do not comply with some of the determinations that must be met by the Ministry of Mobility, which is its opinion, the rate, being well signposted, “he said. 

In the case of valet parking, one of the offenses is not being registered with Semovi or omitting requirements established by the municipality. 

Most of these businesses are located in the historic center, and some have already approached the authority to be regularized. 

 Source: Quadratin