Real Estate Market of Queretaro with greater rise in the country


Since the last four years, in the state of Querétaro, departments and homes have registered an increase in their prices

An analysis of the value of the square meter of a department or housing in urban areas, in the most surplus value cities in the country, detailed that the state of Querétaro is the entity that rises the most in its prices.

The real estate website24 analyzes from the prices of a 65 m2 department with two bedrooms, such as a standard in the entities and their cost variables.

In the case of Querétaro, if four years ago the square meter (m2) cost 23 thousand 949 pesos, today it reaches 25 thousand 206 pesos, which means an accumulated rise variation of 7.2 percent of October 2019 to the same period of 2022.

This entity stands out for its real estate development and the job opportunities offered by the head of the aeronautical cluster, in addition of being in the center of the country and having good levels of security and quality of life.

Situation that calls into question that Mexico City is one of the most expensive places to live in Mexico; However, prices per square meter (M2) are more expensive in other cities in the last five years.

For example, the Mexican Caribbean has taken relevance in the interest of national and foreign investors and that has generated a revaluation of the cost per m2.

If in August 2018, the average price per m2 on CDMX was 39,427 pesos, in August 2022 it presented an accumulated variation of 5 years of -6.04 percent (lowering to 37 thousand 046 pesos); while cities like Monterrey and Guadalajara have a 38 and 34 percent rising variation, respectively.

Moving from 39 thousand 341 pesos- in 2018- to 54,274 pesos in 2022 in Monterrey. While in Guadalajara, it passed from 31,734 pesos to 42 thousand 489 pesos.

Some cities that in recent years have generated a lot of interest, especially during and after pandemic, are Querétaro, Mérida, and Cancun, in Quintana Roo, these cities have registered an appreciation of their costs per m2.

In the case of Mérida, the Yucatecan capital, the price per m2 four years ago was 22 thousand 253 pesos and today is located at 30 thousand 211 pesos; that is, an upward accumulated variation of 35.76 percent. Although it is a significant variation, it continues to offer affordable prices.

There has already been talk about the attractiveness of the city regarding the security and tranquility that is lived there, but to this we must add factors such as new labor schemes (hybrid or home office) and that following the pandemic many began to get out of the big cities.

It should be noted that in the Mexican Caribbean prices per m2 have risen more in the area of Quintana Roo, from 42 thousand 983 pesos to 53 thousand 916 pesos in October 2019 to the same period of 2022; that is, an accumulated variation of 25.4 percent.

Source: AM Queretaro