Queretaro is one of the most underrated Cultural Travel destinations in Mexico


(travellemming.com/).- The single most underrated place to visit in Mexico. Querétaro is authentic, charming, tasty, and beautiful. You may be the only foreigner around, but that’s why I love it.

The author sitting near a fountain in Tequis, Querétaro
Me in Tequis, one of many gorgeous towns in Querétaro

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I have been all over Mexico, but nowhere else has ever captured my heart quite like Querétaro  (well, except perhaps our next destination). An underrated hidden gem, Querétaro’s has it all. In Santiago de Querétaro you’ll find a well-preserved historic downtown that has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. 

Take day trips to explore nearby picturesque Mexican towns like Tequis and Peña de Bernal. Get outdoors and explore the lush Sierra Gorda rainforest. Or spend your days winery hopping. Whatever you do, I promise you will love Querétaro. 

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