Queretaro Police officers find tiger cub in the trunk of a car during a routine inspection


Look, we get it. Tiger cubs are adorable. If you find one, it could be tempting to pick it up, take it home, and keep it as a pet. But apparently, Mexico has this pesky requirement that if you own an exotic animal such as a tiger, it has to come from a certified dealer and have been born in captivity. So, if the police catch you with an illegally purchased tiger cub in your trunk, you can end up in a bit of trouble.

The BBC reports that police from El Marqués in Querétaro, Mexico stopped a couple for a minor traffic violation. The couple was said to have been behaving “aggressively” during the stop and tried to escape. That escape attempt was unsuccessful and led to their arrest, as well as the search of their car. In the car, they found four handguns, 98 bullets, and one tiger cub.

Just look at that lil guy. So cute. So snuggle-able. I just want to boop its nose and buy hundreds of dollars worth of toys it’ll never play with. And these people had it buried in their car’s trunk under suitcases and other bags? Very rude. Clearly, this couple has no business owning a tiger.

I mean, technically no one should own a tiger, but that’s only because they’re wild animals who grow up to be big and dangerous and can easily kill people and don’t deserve to be kept in cages. You know. Minor stuff. But aside from that, they probably make great pets.

According to the police department’s Facebook page, the tiger cub has been handed over to wildlife specialists who hope to return it to its natural habitat. Hopefully, they’re successful, but even if they’re not, spending the rest of their days in a zoo will probably still be a better life than the alternative.

Source: Jalopink

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