Tragedy at the festivities of the Virgin of Guadalupe: fireworks explode in full celebration in Querétaro.


The fireworks used for the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the San Miguel Archangel parish, located in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood of the capital of Querétaro, caused a great explosion.

A video recording circulating on social networks, it can be seen outside of the religious temple a long base where the fireworks were, and two men, light them up.

The first rockets begin to rise into the sky, when suddenly a loud explosion occurs, causing all the people who were watching the show to run for cover. In addition, one person yelled mentioning: “the rockets fell.”

In another recording it can be seen that several parishioners were inside the parish of San Miguel Archangel when the fireworks began, and then the explosion was heard, for which a person shouted: “don’t run, don’t run!”, and then there was smoke everywhere from burning gunpowder.

Around 01:50 am, the Civil Protection Coordination of the Municipality of Querétaro reported through its Twitter account: “we worked in a coordinated manner on the incident, after the misuse and handling of fireworks was carried out without protective measures, in addition to not having the corresponding authorization permits; this happened outside a religious center located in the vicinity of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood”.

Francisco Ramírez Santana, head of Civil Protection, told the newspaper Diario de Querétaro that because of the accident, 13 people were medically treated, in addition, a man suffered burns on 45% of his body, who was taken to a hospital.

He also reported that the parish presented damage, although it was not structural, and that 10 cars that were parked outside were also affected.

In addition, he announced that with the support of the Secretary of National Defense, they seized 980 pieces of firecrackers, three three-inch bombs and two packages of rockets.

On the other hand, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Querétaro, Martín Lara Becerril, told the portal Mi Delegación Querétaro that the church has nothing to do with the accident: “the organizers of today’s party had all the documentation in order to make the burning of the fireworks on the 12th. What happened was that a man, personally and privately, wanted to offer the virgin and the population fireworks show. This person hired, on his own initiative, the rocket workers to do the burning, the man did not actually have the proper permits.

Source: Yahoo News