The most expensive neighborhoods to live in Querétaro


Querétaro is one of the entities that enjoys the preference of families with young members or those who are just starting out and want to move and live in safe places with good services.

The entity, like others, has suffered the ravages of the pandemic and although it remains one of the preferred ones, it also registered a decrease in rental and purchase/sale of properties, underlines the Index.

In this regard, Federico Fuentes, director of ASAO Real Estate, said that “we noticed that during the holidays, Christmas and Easter, rents tend to go up, but summer is when there is more opportunity for families to move, since children end of the school year.”

According to the Council of Appraisers and State of Real Estate Professionals of Querétaro (CEPIQ), at the national level, Querétaro is the third with the highest real estate growth. For his part, Fuentes points out that, although interest continues in the search for houses in the entity, due to inflation, rental and sale prices have risen.

“The possibility of living in a safe city close to the country’s capital, such as Querétaro, makes it one of the favorites of those looking for their ideal home. There are those who move permanently and wait for their children to finish the school year to make permanent moves, but there are also those who want to try their luck and rent”, says Karla González Montoya, B2C Marketing Manager of Inmuebles24.

Therefore, if you are one of the people who is contemplating moving to Querétaro or acquiring a property and moving with your family to one of the most attractive cities in the country. Due to this scenario, data on purchase/sale and rent of the most top mayoralties and municipalities were disclosed:

Last July, the average price of the city was 25,206 pesos per m2, this meant an increase of 0.5 percent in the month, registering seven consecutive months of increase. The sale of a house/apartment of 65 m2 was located at 1,707,527 pesos, while those of 100m2 were located at an average price of 2,414,144 pesos.

In the case of the most expensive colonies for sale in Querétaro they are:

  • Carretas (region: Historic Center), with a cost per square meter of 64,778.
  • Arboledas (Epigmenio González region), with a cost of 39,183 pesos per m2.
  • fracc Lomas Del Marques (Cayetano Rubio region) at a cost of 37,100 pesos per m2.
  • Colonia Las Brujas (Historic Center region) with a cost of 36,917 pesos per m2.
  • fracc Private Quintas La Laborcilla (Historic Center region) with a cost of 37,591 pesos per m2.
  • Plaza Del Parque (Historic Center region) with a cost of 38,026 pesos per m2.

On the subject of rent, the average price of a 65m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms in Querétaro is located at 10,116 pesos per month, that is, an increase of 1.0 percent in the month reaching a new historical maximum, while an apartment of 100m2 would cost an average of 14,467 pesos per month.

In the case of the areas with the highest added value in this regard, they are:

  • The Querétaro neighborhood (Santa Rosa Jauregui region) with a rental cost of 12,475 pesos per month.
  • Arboledas Del Parque (Epigmenio González region) with a rental cost of 12,039 pesos per month.
  • fracc Lomas Del Marques (Cayetano Rubio region) at a cost of 15,126 pesos per month.
  • Miradores (Cayetano Rubio region) at a cost of 12,024 pesos per month.
  • Juriquilla Province (in the Santa Rosa Jauregui region), at a cost of 13,214 pesos per month.

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