Trailer runs out of brakes and hits 23 vehicles on the Mexico-Querétaro highway


Querétaro.- A trailer carrying dried chili ran out of brakes when driving on the side of the Mexico – Querétaro highway, which caused an accident after ramming 23 vehicles that resulted in extensive damage, in addition to three injured people being admitted to the hospital.

The mishap was recorded in the capital of Queretaro, next to the offices of the Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM), at the height of the El Marqués neighborhood, in the direction of Celaya.

That of the city area was closed to traffic for almost three hours, which caused a traffic jam on this highway that registers high traffic because it is the connection between the state of Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí. 

The municipal protection coordinator, Francisco Ramírez Santana, reported that the authority learned of this accident through a report that was given around three in the afternoon on the 911 emergency line.

In the accident, he detailed, 23 vehicles were involved, of which 18 are private, two taxis, two personnel transport units, and the trailer, which was the one that caused the spectacular accident where the tract truck and the referred passenger buses were left on top of several compact cars.

The preliminary report indicates that the trailer ran out of brake when it was driving through the area – a road that is going downhill – and as it passed, it hit the vehicles that were stranded in front of the traffic light, which at that time was red. 

The municipal official added that, after the mishap, the emergency services assessed 44 people who were traveling in the aforementioned units, but only three of them were transferred to the hospital, “they presented injuries that were not life-threatening.” 

The tractor-trailer that caused this spectacular accident, the official said, was carrying a load of dried chili peppers

Due to the mishap, the area was cordoned off by the emergency forces; however, they were slow to remove the damaged units because the area was surrounded by hundreds of people, including onlookers looking to find out what had happened and reporters looking for information and to get the best picture. 

The presence of the cranes made it possible to drag the heavy units that crushed the compact vehicles that were crushed and in some cases turned into scrap metal. 

Ricardo ‘N’ , originally from Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, is the trailer driver who was detained by the authorities, while the legal and medical situation of the injured is resolved.

Eyewitness versions indicate that the trailer driver got out of his unit and began to run in the opposite direction of the road, but was captured moments later by municipal police officers who used the C-4 cameras.

The Queretaro Post