Queretaro cyclist walks over cars that block bike lanes (video)


A video,  which went viral, shows a cyclist walking over a car, complete with a bicycle, for being parked on the bike lane in Querétaro.

The video, shared by the Twitter account, #NiUnRedistribudorMenos, shows how several cyclists protested because the cars used the bike lane to park, blocking the way.

” It’s a bike path !” a cyclist shouted when a motorcyclist who was also using the road that is exclusively for bicycle users.

Video: Cyclist passes over car with everything and bike for parking on the bike path

The cyclist walked over the car that blocked the bike path (Image: Twitter @repartidarr)

Annoyed that the car was blocking the bike lane, a cyclist decided to walk over the vehicles, complete with her bicycle. 

The video, which soon went viral.

Some users pointed out that the cyclist had to call the authorities so that they would take action on the matter. Others applauded the act of the cyclist.

According to the information that has transpired, the car that blocked the bike lane in the Historic Center of Querétaro was damaged, but the magnitude of the damage is unknown.

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