How much is the average monthly salary in Querétaro?


All monthly salaries are in Mexican Pesos

For 4Q2021, the employed population in Querétaro was 999 thousand 564 people, of which 563 thousand 913 worked in the formal sector and 435 thousand 651 in the informal sector; 596 thousand 115 were men and 403 thousand 449 were women.

The information platform Data México, with reference to the National Employment Survey (ENOE) indicates that the average monthly salary in Querétaro in the fourth quarter of 2021 (4T2021), was $4,110 pesos. 

Employed population and average salary according to occupation 

Data México indicates that according to the ENOE, the occupation with the largest number of people working in 4Q2020 was masons, albañiles and related workers with a total of 53,600 people, this occupation has an average monthly salary of $6,200

In second place, the occupation with the largest number of people working was Sales Clerks, Dispatchers and Shop Clerks with a total of 47,800 people. This occupation has a registered average monthly salary in Querétaro of $2,240. 

Domestic workers occupy the third position in the number of employed persons, with a labor force of 43,400 people who receive an average monthly salary of $3,320

The number of people whose occupation is related to trade in establishments also amounts to 43,400, occupying the third position together with domestic workers. The average monthly salary for this occupation is $3,280.

In the fifth position, the occupation with the largest labor force, is support work in the construction sector, with a total of 32,300 people and an average monthly income of $4,760. 

In sixth and seventh place are drivers of trucks, vans, and cargo cars (26,500 people) and drivers of trucks, vans, taxis, and passenger cars (22,200 people), respectively.

More than 90% of the economically active population in Querétaro has a job

More than 90% of the economically active population in Querétaro has a job 

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) publishes the monthly Employment and Occupation Indicators, where it highlights that from December 2021 to February 2022, more than 90% of the economically active population in Querétaro has a job. 

In this sense, in the month of December in Querétaro an occupancy rate of 95.4% was registered, in January it was 96.7% and in February it was 95.2%.

At the national level, the employment rate in February 2022 was 58.2 million of the Economically Active Population, which represented a participation rate of 58.7%. 

This amount meant an increase of 3 million people compared to February 2021 (55.2 million). By sex, the participation rate for men was 76.1% and for women 43.5% . In relation to a year before, this rate in men grew 1.7 and in women 2.6 percentage points.

Likewise, at the national level, the entity that presented the highest occupancy rate in February was Morelos with 98.8% and the lowest was the State of Mexico with 94%.

Are you thinking of working in Querétaro (Mexico) and would you like to know the monthly salaries of different professions?

April 8th 2022 exchange rates

21.78 peso mexicano = 1 Euro

20.03 peso mexicano = 1 USD

1 EUR = 1.08763 USD

Here we show you how much is the average salary in Querétaro and many more salaries:

  • The minimum wage in Querétaro = €119.00
  • The average salary in Querétaro= 509.83€
  • Salary of an accountant in Querétaro= 646.14€
  • Salary of an architect in Querétaro= 769.85€
  • Salary of a babysitter in Querétaro= 251.87€
  • Salary of a waiter in Querétaro= 375.58€
  • Salary of a mason in Querétaro= 432.54€
  • Salary of a dentist in Querétaro= €1,882.35
  • Salary of an electronic engineer in Querétaro= 898.01€
  • Salary of an engineer in Querétaro= 893.56€
  • Salary of an English translator in Querétaro= 546.46€
  • Salary of a farmer in Querétaro= 280.35€
  • Salary of a Mcdonald’s worker in Querétaro = €256.32
  • Salary of a fisherman in Querétaro = €385.37
  • Salary of a hotel waiter in Querétaro= 341.76€
  • Salary of a housewife in Querétaro= 304.38€
  • Salary of a lawyer in Querétaro= €1,149.88
  • Salary of a mechanical engineer in Querétaro= 812.57€
  • Salary of a doctor in Querétaro= €1,529.91
  • Salary of a nurse in Querétaro= 779.64€
  • Salary of a pharmacist in Querétaro= €1,107.16
  • Salary of a plumber in Querétaro= 413.85€
  • Salary of a secretary in Querétaro= 380.03€
  • Salary of a software engineer in Querétaro= 946.07€
  • Salary of a Spanish teacher in Querétaro= 565.15€
  • Salary of a school teacher in Querétaro= 660.38€

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