Huapango National Contest returns to Querétaro, find out where and when


The municipality of San Joaquín is ready to hold the LI National Huapango Huasteco Contest, which has registered more than 500 participating couples from all the states of the Republic.

The head of the State Culture Secretariat, Marcela Herbert Pesquera, pointed out that the municipality of San Joaquín will once again host the LI edition of the Huapango Huasteco National Contest, from April 7 to 9 ; after two years of absence. 

Marcela Herbert added that the presence of more than 2,300 people is expected to enjoy this 100% mountain tradition, in addition to having a great career, prestige and recognition as the most important in the Mexican Republic.

“The huapango or son huasteco, is one of the most representative traditions of the central-eastern zone of Mexico. This musical and dance genre consists of more than fifty traditional sones. In addition, it is a cultural heritage that gives us identity and belonging, so preserving it is everyone’s job, ” he said. 

The municipal president of San Joaquín, Carlos Manuel Ledesma Robles, reported that the cash prize pool for this edition is more than 250 thousand pesos, in addition to recognition and the “Luna de Fuego” medal for the champions of the categories. of greater participation.

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More than 500 couples participating in the contest 

During his speech, the president of the organizing committee, Orlando Octavio Ledesma Camacho, highlighted that the municipality of San Joaquín is ready to hold the LI National Huapango Huasteco Contest, which has registered more than 500 couples, from different states of the Republic. and other countries. 

Finally, the coordinator of special projects of the State Secretary of Tourism, Erika Contreras, pointed out that this event is one of the main elements that give a magical touch to San Joaquín, a municipality where you can find the best of Querétaro and from Mexico. 

The venue will be the house of the huapango “Cresenciano Mendez Barajas”, the contest has five categories: small huapangueros, children, youth, adult, and from this edition the category of large huapangueros is added. On Sunday, April 10, there will be a violin contest for young people under 25 years of age, in order to rescue Huasteca music.

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