Authorities deny deaths in Queretaro’s brawl, social networks say the opposite

Estadio La corregidora de Queretaro (Photo: Record)

Different media outlets and social network users speculated that there were at least 17 deaths at the “La Corregidora de Queretaro” stadium on Saturday, March 5. However, the authorities of the state of Querétaro insist that, so far, they do not have information of deceased people, but only injured people who were transferred to the hospital.

The Querétaro Civil Protection Coordination (CEPC) indicated on Twitter: “Derived from the events recorded on Saturday, March 5, at the Corregidora stadium, the CEPC reports that, so far, there are no reports of deceased persons.”

In this sense, he added: “22 injured and nine of them transferred to the General Hospital, and two of these are reported in serious condition. The rest are stable.

Lupita Murguía, secretary of the government of the State of Querétaro, reiterated that there were no fatalities after the tragedy that broke out in La Corregidora. This information was ratified by Mauricio Kuri, Governor of Querétaro.

However, on social networks and some media outlets, they are talking about 17 deaths, based on some of the images and videos that have gone viral, people with major injuries can be seen.

The Mexican Soccer Federation suspended the games that were scheduled for Sunday and called for severe sanctions, such as the veto for the rest of the season for Queretaro’s Corregidora stadium.

“The balance after the incidents in the stadium officially reported by the government of the state of Querétaro is 26 injured, of which 24 are men and 2 women. 3 have already been discharged and another 3 are still in serious condition, 10 more are reported in a very serious condition, and 10 more are stable”.

Source: Record

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