Querétaro police flee from two armed men


A motorist who was driving along José Siurob Street, on the corner of Constituyentes Avenue, in the Valle Alameda neighborhood in the capital of Querétaro, captured the moment in which an armed man confronted two police officers who were outside a patrol car and made them They ran to save themselves.

In the images, you can see how the two officers, a man, and a woman, talk with a subject, who wears a jacket and black pants, who then gets startled and raises a firearm, which, several media outlets, such as El Diario de Querétaro, reported belonged to the uniformed.

The aggressor was accompanied by another man and then they both walk towards Constituyentes Avenue, but then they turn back again and the two policemen run towards the car where they are recording.

The witness lowers his phone and nothing can be seen, only screams are heard, some gunshots, and the voice of a woman who asks: “Can you open it for me, please?”

Regarding this incident, the Municipal Public Security Secretariat of Querétaro reported through a statement that the police managed to secure the aggressive person and he was made available to the authorities to determine his legal status.

The agency indicated in the report that no injured person was reported, but they did not indicate who fired the shots, whether the police or the aggressors and detailed: “the Internal Body of this Secretariat has initiated the corresponding investigation of the police action.”

The Queretaro Post