Querétaro, the new Silicon Valley of Mexico


The growth of data centers and ‘software’ has not stopped with the pandemic, on the contrary, Querétaro estimates growth for this sector of 25 percent, informed Mauricio Torres Villegas, ambassador of the International Computer Room Experts Association (ICREA).

He indicated that the six new ‘data centers’ that will be installed in the state have schemes to reduce carbon footprints, save energy, energy efficiency, and cybersecurity; these facilities “will turn Querétaro into the Silicon Valley of Mexico.”

“In the part of Querétaro, it will have a very large growth, projecting growth of only 21 to 25 percent,” he said.

He added that, although there will be two states in the central zone of the country that will have investments in the matter, “as of today Querétaro will be the tip of ‘data centers'”.

In an interview, he said that Asian companies are the main investors in Latin America, and “in this case what there is is that Mexico is the spearhead for data centers.”

Although for confidentiality he omitted the names of the investment companies this year in the data centers for Querétaro, he confirmed that all of them are of international capital.

Source: amqueretaro.com

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