Queretaro awakens to the horrific news of body parts found near the El Tepe neighborhood


The body was found dismembered inside a suitcase

Human remains were found inside a suitcase that was allegedly left among garbage bags in the vicinity of the El Tepe neighborhood in the central area of ​​the Queretaro capital.

The municipal police of the capital were warned of the location of a body inside a suitcase that would have been abandoned at the intersection of Juana de Arco and Rivapalacio streets.

When the fact was confirmed, the police made several closures to the surrounding streets to prevent the macabre discovery from being recorded, carrying out closures from Universidad Avenue in both directions.

The information was shared with the State Attorney General’s Office who, through experts, carried out the examination of the evidence and with the support of investigative police, the search for more elements was carried out until after one in the morning.

This was what the SSPM of Querétaro published in its Twitter account: “In the El Cerrito neighborhood, the site where they report to the 9-1-1 Emergency Line the location of a person without vital signs is guarded. Expert services have been channeled to determine the sex and causes of death ”.

Source: elqueretano.info, diariodequeretaro.com.mx

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