PROFECO: If your bus is delayed, you can request a refund; know your rights


Profeco reminds you that if your luggage was damaged during the trip, the company must take responsibility and pay you, so you should not lose your ticket or voucher.

If when traveling through the Republic through the highways you fear the delays that may arise at the bus terminals, despite the company from which you buy your tickets, do not fear, you must know your rights, among which is the return of the payment after a certain time.

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) recalled that if your bus was delayed for more than two hours and you do not want to make the trip, you have the right to request a refund of the amount of your trip.

In addition, Profeco pointed out that every federal passenger transportation company is required to have traveler’s insurance, which must cover average expenses and compensation for death in the event of accidents.

And be very careful, because you must also be liable for the loss or damage suffered by passengers’ luggage, from the moment they board until they get off the vehicle, as long as they keep their ticket or baggage check.” Always and at all times they must provide you with clear and timely information on the policies, terms, and conditions in reimbursements and traveler’s insurance,” reiterated the attorney general’s office.

Mexico Daily Post