Querétaro hosts the National Women’s American Football Championship


In the opening match, the Queretaro players beat the Durango team.

For the first time, in Querétaro, the fourth National Championship of American Football for Women takes place, in which 800 players from all over the country are in the fields of the municipalities of Querétaro and Corregidora.

The players will look for their pass to the final, which will be played on December 21. They will also seek their place as national selected for the 2022 Finland World Cup.

In the opening ceremony, the director of the Institute of Sports and Recreation of the State of Querétaro (INDEREQ), Edward Sánchez del Río, pointed out that athletes will always be welcome in the entity.

“Hopefully this is the beginning for Querétaro to be the spearhead for women’s equipped American football, we will always be with the doors open for any initiative that they have for the benefit of women’s sport… I wish success to the teams that are going to participate, Querétaro is your home , ”said Sánchez del Río.

Querétaro defeated Durango

According to the statement, in the opening match, the locals defeated Durango by a score of 19-0. It should be noted that a base of players will emerge from this event to make up the national team, and then a try-out will be made; where historically Querétaro has contributed 107 players to the national team.

“What can be expected is that it is close, they played in the so-called group of death, they will play against teams that are not easy at all, but we trust that the girls are doing a great job and especially with the group of coaches ” , concluded David García, president of the State Association of American Football and Flag of the state of Querétaro.

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