Jokr, the new Mexican unicorn, opens 5 hidden supermarkets in Querétaro – it earmarked an investment of $ 400,000

  • Jokr debuted December with unicorn status.
  • It also opened its fourth city with a supermarket product delivery service.
  • In Querétaro it has more than 50 people who cover 5 municipalities.

Jokr, the virtual supermarket with deliveries in 15 minutes, debuted in December with the status of unicorn. The company that Germán Peralta runs has also just started operations in Querétaro. 

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This is the fourth city in Mexico where it operates.

After eight months of work, this startup achieved the status of unicorn after an investment of 260 million dollars (million dollars) in series B. “This gives us a valuation of more than 1,200 million dollars. This fills us with greater motivation to continue growing, “said Peralta in an interview with Business Insider Mexico.

Jokr’s difference against other supermarket product delivery platforms is its commitment to fast delivery, which it achieves 95% of the time. In addition, the delivery men are direct employees of this company. 

Due to their strategic distribution in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro, and Mexico City, they are available to attend the orders that are made through their application; this is available on both operating systems. Outside the country, Jokr has a presence in:

  • U.S
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • chili
  • Brazil

“The purpose of raising this additional round (of investment) is to continue growing and bring the product to many more people in the region,” said Peralta.

To open its five hidden supermarkets in Querétaro, Jokr allocated an investment of approximately $ 400,000. Currently, more than 50 employees are in charge of handling orders and are covered in:

  • San Pablo
  • Campestre
  • Villas del Parque
  • Centro
  • Juriquilla

The unicorn Jokr ‘picks away’ between brands in Mexico to expedite their agreements

But it’s not all about growth and the glamor that surrounds unicorns. For Jokr, one of the greatest challenges of the operation in Mexico is to begin building a relationship with the brands.

“We are going at a very high speed and typically the mass consumer brands are a little more structured and have slower processes. It took a while to register certain brands because we depend on third parties. It’s easier in the United States, ”said Peralta, also a co-founder of Jokr.

According to a study by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), among the main reasons that consumers indicated to keep their purchases via applications are:

  • That they find products that are not in physical stores, with 60% of the responses
  • Another reason that tied with 60% is the convenience of receiving home purchases. 
  • 57% said it saves time

This motivates the Jokr team to continue down that path and place their supermarket products among the 5% of sales made online.

For next year, Peralta estimates that it will expand its operations to Puebla, Toluca, and the Bajío. The manager expects to start working in new locations at a rate of one per month.

In the moment.

The future of supermarkets is here. 
Fresh products & favorite local brands are delivered before the water boils.


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