Homosexual couples marry in Querétaro


Querétaro, Qro. 
This Friday, two couples of the same sex were married in the civil registry of the municipality of Querétaro endorsed by the new Civil Code that allows equal marriage, after it came into force on November 12.

Equal marriage was not allowed in Querétaro, as the Civil Code established that marriage was the union between a man and a woman. On September 22, the previous local Legislature approved reforms to that legal order to recognize the union between people of the same sex.

The publication of the reform was not carried out by the state Executive, but by the Legislature so that the time did not expire and because it had the power to do so due to the omission of the state government, which did not explain the reasons for not publishing the opinion in the newspaper official The Shadow of Arteaga.

This Friday morning, the couple formed by Osmin and Juan Pablo were married in the civil registry of the Epigmenio González delegation to the north of the municipality of Querétaro. The same thing was done hours later, Dimitri and Sergio who left the premises showing the marriage certificate amid the jubilation of their companions.

After 15 years of relationship, Dimitrio and Sergio decided to formalize the union in the civil registry, taking advantage of the fact that it is already allowed. With this alliance, they recognized the people who fought for years to get the Queretaro authorities to recognize those rights. “Today is a reality,” they expressed in the midst of tears.

The newlyweds highlighted that in the entity, same-sex couples can choose whether or not to marry as it is a recognized right and although discrimination continues, they spoke in favor of continuing to work for the acceptance of people who think differently from others. “Rights are freedoms,” they said.


  • Osmin Reyes Manzano and Juan Pablo Dorantes Mendoza got married at 09:00 this Friday
  • Later at 1:00 p.m., Dimitri Ruiz Ochoa and Sergio Mendieta Martínez got married

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