TCS provides cybersecurity strategies for Latin America from Querétaro


Tata Consultancy Services, with its half-century of global experience, empowers the remote workforce from the first Threat Management Center in the entire Latin American region.

By 2022, five to six times as many American workers will work from home for most of their workweek, according to the Global Workforce Analytics report. Just four years earlier, in 2018, just five million employees worked with a permanent home office. Remote workers are here to stay, see the note “ Empowering the Permanently Remote Workforce” on the TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) blog.

For this to happen, unstoppable forces are at work: the pressures of the current pandemic (and future outbreaks or new pandemics) are making remote work a fixture. In turn, the benefits of moving work from the office to the home can be seen in three categories: companies save and operate more agile; workers are less stressed by traveling through cities, and society in general, enjoys environments with lower levels of pollution and crowds.

Adapting to this new productive era demands certain requirements. One of them is cybersecurity, that is, the operational and infrastructure construction that companies will do to operate remotely and ubiquitously, without allowing them to damage it in computing and informational terms.

To achieve this, remote workers must be provided with elements such as remote access to corporate applications and data (which often need to move from the computers in those companies’ offices to public or private clouds). They must also provide cybersecurity services that protect workers and company data/systems; project monitoring to ensure that work (especially that of teams) is progressing; abundant communication on revised standard operating procedures and enough contact to handle change smoothly.

This is one of the lines of work that TCS is promoting the most among its clients. Hence, it has followed a global strategy: to create Threat Management Centers around the world. In Mexico, this strategic headquarters was inaugurated in August 2021, in the state of Querétaro.

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What is cybersecurity for TCS

In simple words, it consists of fully maintaining the IT operations of companies: resistant to external attacks and avoiding information leaks or internal vulnerability.

At the Queretaro Threat Management Center, the goal is to offer cybersecurity solutions to companies of all types and sizes. Hence, it is in the process of recruiting 500 engineers specialized in various branches related to cybersecurity. From this strategic headquarters, it will provide services to all of Latin America.

“Since we opened our first office in Mexico in 2003, our commitment to investing in the country and generating high-quality employment has been strengthened. Today, with the opening of the first Threat Management Center in Latin America, we will be able to add highly talented local professionals join our ranks and collaborate with them to keep our clients throughout the region protected from cyber threats with state-of-the-art technology, “commented Rajeev Gupta, Country Head – Mexico and Nearshore Head – Latin America for TCS

Today, in addition to the productive sectors that have most demanded cybersecurity in their practice – retail and financial among the most prominent – today other industries have joined, such as health or educational services, which require the same solutions in the cloud as systems of high security that allow the multi-connections of digital devices.

So in the Threat Management Center of Querétaro, detection and response services are offered to threats; incident management and support in case of attack; cyber-surveillance, digital forensic analysis, and regulatory compliance observatory. It also handles comprehensive and integrated threat management services across IT, OT, IoT, and cloud ecosystems.

TCS has been present in the Mexican market since 2003. Its portfolio also includes advanced IT services, consulting, test factory, business process outsourcing, contact center, IT infrastructure solutions, industrial and engineering services. From its eight offices in the republic, the company of almost 10,000 employees nationwide serves international clients belonging to industries such as telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, and retailers, among others.

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