Queretaro evacuates hundreds after flooding in San Juan del Río


La Rueda, Los Nogales, and Manantiales were the most affected by the entry of water into homes 

A surprising but sad morning was the one that hundreds of inhabitants of San Juan del Río experienced when they saw their homes underwater after a long day of rain that began late Sunday night and ended until Monday morning, generating a severe mobilization. of emergency bodies.

It was the La Rueda, Los Nogales, and Manantiales subdivision that registered the greatest impact, since the increase in water was even registered up to a little more than a meter, a situation that made them leave quickly with only what they were wearing and an emergency briefcase. .

Through a tour carried out by EL SOL DE SAN JUAN DEL RÍO, the director of Civil Protection of this demarcation, Armando Chapa Leal, reported that only in the La Rueda subdivision there were 124 affected homes, where inside the homes the tie of water reached up to 50 cm., however, in the main streets, it was possible to notice around 1.20 meters, a condition that generated that the DN-III PLAN will be applied by the Mexican Army to be able to remove the dozens of victims who remained in some parts since the entry of the water was so fast that they could not cross the lowest point.

Fearing losing all their assets, some of the people decided to stay on the roofs of the rooms, but later when there were specialized personnel who entered in boats they decided to go out and be safe.

As for the head of Civil Protection, he pointed out that what generated this accelerated growth of the banks of the San Juan River was that around 3 in the morning 150 m3 per second entered this body of water, and that was when Mayor Guillermo Vega Guerrero, decided to begin evacuation work.

Elena González, a resident of this place, moved by the situation and with tears in her eyes, said that she has lived here for more than 10 years and that she still had not recovered from the flood of 4 years ago, where in the same way, Hundreds of families were affected, and where he also assured that he lost all of his electrical appliances and that now there is the same situation again.

“Over the weekend we were doing cleaning actions here because there is a lot of dangerous fauna and we removed the grass thinking that this would make it easier for the water not to stagnate, but it was not like that again we are flooded.”

Pedro Rodríguez is also a neighbor of this subdivision and pointed out that what hurt me the most is that no municipality authority has made known support to be able to draw water soon, and begin hygiene actions, remembering that the risk of being affected by Covid-19.

“Right now as the authorities are leaving, nobody comes to see how they help us, right now there are all the risks that stagnant water brings like dengue and let’s not forget that we are in a pandemic.”

Other of the affected colonies were Los Nogales and Manantiales, which 4 years ago were also severely affected, and although this time there were fewer houses with water inlet, the inhabitants expressed impotence to be able to safeguard the heritage that with so many years and efforts have managed to build.

In the place they argued that it was around 4:30 in the morning when the water entered their garages and later their homes where they reached a depth of between 10 and 30 cm.

It should be noted that the cleaning actions began from the morning of this Monday, however the water at no time began to flow and the drains in Los Nogales did not work until the closing of this edition

Source: diariodequeretaro.com.mx

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