‘Quiero Querétaro’ Neighborhood Gastronomic Tour and More


The first tour that is presented is the Neighborhood Gastronomic Circuit, with visits to emblematic places of the capital of Queretaro

Through the tourist circuits under the concept ‘I want Querétaro’, the Secretariat of Tourism of the Queretaro capital seeks to promote tourism and promote the attractions of the city.

The first circuit that is presented is the Barrio Gastronomico Circuit, which includes different types of attractions in a single tour «that shows the identity, history and colonial legacy of the city, focusing on its popular culture with visits to places such as Pulquería the Gallo Colorado, the Benito Juárez ‘El Tepe’ market, the Railway Station and Pía Cocina Libre ”, indicated the head of the agency, Raúl Parissi Arau.

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The circuits will be guided by an expert host on the subject, who adds his passion and knowledge to the visits to create personalized moments.

To live any of these experiences, tourists can contact the Querétaro Tour Operators Association directly by phone (442) 413 9140 or by email [email protected].

Source: amqueretaro.com

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