First million CanSino vaccines against Covid packaged in Mexico leaves Querétaro


The foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard led the Monday afternoon in the state of Queretaro the act with which the starting signal was given for the first batch of Chinese vaccine Covid.

This CanSino vaccine is being packaged in the municipality of El Marqués, in the state of Querétaro.

This first batch consists of one million vaccines against Covid-19, which left the Drugmex company plant that is located in the El Marqués industrial park, heading to Cuautitlán, State of Mexico, where a warehouse of the Birmex company, from where the distribution work will be carried out.


The CEO of Drugmex, Jorge Palomino, explained that 4 million doses would be delivered in April, but the plan is to deliver 35 million of this vaccine, which requires only one dose for its application.

Ebrard Casaubón highlighted that 15,000 volunteers participated in the trial of this vaccine “and it is the largest trial that has been done of the Covid vaccines in Mexico.”

As it is a single-dose vaccine, he said that it will accelerate vaccination in Mexico against Covid.


The Queretaro Post