20 Proudly Mexican Christmas Meals


Meals for Christmas? It is one of the most anticipated parties of the year for many Mexicans and more because it is the day when most families gather to live together, have delicious dishes, play, break the piñata, sing, and many more things to have a good time.

But come on, we are only days until Christmas and about the end of this year, what better way than to spoil your family and friends by spoiling them with an exquisite Christmas dish on the table, so today I will give you some ideas for your Christmas dinner. 

1. Baked pork leg “Pierna de cerdo al horno”

baked leg for christmas dinner

I will start with one of the dishes that just by looking at your photo makes many of us salivate, a typical dish for Christmas or New Year’s dinner. I have had the good fortune to try this dish and to be honest it is very tasty, and it is also decorated with fruits, giving it a better presentation.

2. Christmas Mixiote “Mixiote Navideño”

mixiotes for christmas dinner

Mixiote is a typical dish of the state of Puebla that also comes from pre-Hispanic times, it can be prepared with different meats, for example, beef, chicken, fish, mutton, pork, or shrimp. Its preparation is somewhat tedious and it is customary to prepare it on special dates such as Christmas.

3. Tamales

christmas tamales

You can also offer tamales at dinner either as a main dish or to taste, in some places in Mexico it is customary to prepare them for Christmas. So you also have this option and you can even choose the style that your family likes the most, be it Oaxacan, Yucatecan, Defeños, among others.

4. Christmas baked pork tenderloin “Lomo de cerdo al horno Navideño”

Christmas Baked Pork Loin

If only the baked pork leg is delicious imagine what the baked pork tenderloin would be, I would say that it is just as tasty or even more. When this dish is ready and out of the oven it looks like a great smoked ham even releasing its juicy flavor.

5. Christmas Tradition: Romeritos with shrimp.

Romeritos with Mole, Tradition at Christmas Dinner

If you like romeritos then you can opt for this dish, but what if you prepare them with a different style, for example adding shrimp, making romeritos a more than a special dish.

6. Stuffed cheese “Queso relleno”

Stuffed Cheese at Christmas

Do you know this dish? If not, the truth is that I invite you to try it when you visit the state of Yucatan, it is a delicious dish, it may not be a 100% original dish of this state since the cheese with which it is prepared known as “Queso de Bola ”is a Dutch cheese, but the Yucatecans have given it their special touch by filling it with meat and mixing it with other ingredients, as well as adding a delicious sauce to accompany it.

7. Christmas Pozole

Christmas Pozole

Did you think that the pozole was only in honor of the national holidays? Well no, you can also prepare this dish for Christmas or New Year’s dinner or on a birthday, in many places they do it and more when we have a large family. If you have had the opportunity to read the post I wrote for the national dates What you probably did not know about Pozole” you surely already know that there are several styles to prepare it, so go ahead and indulge your family with this dish for a very Mexican Christmas.

8. Christmas Turkey Smoked with Grape

smoked Christmas turkey for dinner

Another good idea for your dinner would be the smoked turkey but with the grape, a Mexican recipe that offers you a different flavor to the traditional turkey, it is as if you bathed this turkey with red wine leaving it slightly sweet but not cloying flavor.

9. Tangerine Glazed Turkey

For the Reheated Christmas and the guests

And here you have another idea of ​​how to prepare your turkey for Christmas dinner, this time or rather this recipe is about bathing the turkey that you commonly make with mandarin juice (a fruit similar to orange) and finally putting it in the oven so that now, grab its sweet and juicy flavor.

10. Christmas pork Enchilada “Pierna Navideña Enchilada”

Christmas Leg Enchilada

If you have a family that likes spicy food this would be an excellent option for them, the enchilada leg doesn’t really spice as much but it does leave that little taste to lick your fingers.

11. Mole Poblano for December 25

mole poblano for after christmas

Another dish that you surely did not think could be prepared at Christmas, the poblano mole from the state of Puebla is a traditional and special dish, as well as tamales, just as the mole is used to prepare as a special dish for special parties, so much so that there are even fairs about mole with different styles and flavors. How about a mole with the reheated meal from the 24th dinner?

12. Pork loin with Anise “Lomo de cerdo con Anís”

Christmas Loin with Anis

As you will realize, the meat that is most used for these holidays are pork loin and turkey, but yes, you can prepare it in different ways like this dish that we have mentioned before but with different ingredients and in this one the ingredient with the one that is accompanied is the anise.

13. Christmas pork tenderloin in Adobo with chipotle

Christmas Pork Loin

And also another way to prepare the pork tenderloin giving it a Mexican style is marinated with chipotle chili, you can measure the degree you want it to be spicy or just have a spicy flavor, in reality, it is a dish that does not require many ingredients and that it is also not that difficult to find. Do you dare to put it on your Christmas Menu?

14. Tequila Marinated Beef Steak

Christmas Steak with Tequila

If you like strong dishes and with that little alcohol flavor, without a doubt this is the dish for you, it is actually not that difficult to prepare since it only requires that the meat be well marinated together with the tequila to get that delicious flavor, This is one of the most famous Christmas meals in the restaurants of La Condesa

15. Christmas Romeritos with mixed Toritas.

Christmas Romeritos

Picture taken on Pinterest

If only the traditional remeritos are delicious and preparing them now with a different style such as the previous dish where shrimp was added, then imagine preparing them with mixed tortitas (fried corn tortillas stuffed with romeritos). Sure it would be a pleasure to try them!

16. Christmas dinner: Cod Biscayne “Mexico style” “Bacalao a la vizcaína”

Bacalao Navideño a la Vizcaina

A mestizo dish that is traditionally served at Christmas dinner, if you know how to prepare traditional cod then this dish will not be more difficult for you, it has the same ingredients and only a few more are added. Give your cod a different touch.

17. Beef medallions with oregano sauce.

beef medallions for christmas dinner

If what you want is to make a dinner where it doesn’t cost you so much work and doesn’t take a long time to prepare, then this is an excellent idea because first, you don’t require many ingredients and secondly, it is so easy to prepare that you would finish sooner than you believe.

18. Chicken Almond with Christmas Rice

Christmas hen macaroon

Another of the easiest dishes you can prepare is the “Chicken Almendrado”, the only thing you need are almonds and also chopped walnuts along with a tomato sauce, where you only cook it with chicken or hen, really is that it is one of the Christmas meals that do not need so much science or time and it can also be liked from children to the most specialist in the house.

19. Entomatado Christmas Cuete


The entomatado Christmas bowl is another of the delicacies that you can prepare, it is a tedious dish since it has several ingredients but it is not that difficult to make. The cuete is the beef that you can get in any butcher shop, it may sound like a very simple dish to make as if it were a common meal that we eat on any day, but without a doubt the entomado cuete carries its elaboration process that makes the end be a rich and special dish, being one of the favorite Christmas foods in northern Mexico.

20. Christmas Dinner Meat in Peanut Sauce


This Christmas dish is the easiest to make, actually, the meat can be pork or beef in steaks, the peanuts are blended together with other ingredients to make a special sauce that is on top of the meat.

And to toast?

Christmas punch

And to accompany the food we also have some very typical drinks for this season in which they are:

The punch “Ponche”


A very present drink for this season, where you will surely see it from the posadas until Christmas Day, the punch originally has only 5 ingredients which is the area also known as palm wine brandy, sugar, lemon, water, and tea; But in Mexico, we prepare the fruit punch and it has the following ingredients: tamarind, pieces of sugar cane, apple, guava, hawthorn, and prunes. A rich and truly relaxing drink.

The Champurrado


A drink to accompany tamales or dessert, champurrado is basically corn atole that is only added with chocolate and water with a touch of vanilla and that is finally boiled until it has the right texture that is until it is thick, very typical in our country and delicious. This drink originally comes from the Aztecs very consumed by the people of that time and it can also be made of various flavors as in some states, such as in Michoacán, it is taken salty instead of sweet but in any way it is very rich, the ingredients for the champurrado are:

  • Water
  • Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Piloncillos
  • Corn Dough

 Guava atole

Guayabaa Atole

A drink with Aztec origin because at this time corn was widely consumed, it is very traditional in Mexico and in other countries. Traditionally it is consumed a lot in the Christmas season, they can also be accompanied with tamales or with dessert, the guava atole is very rich and easy to prepare because it has the following:

  • Water
  • Cinnamon in Rajas
  • Cornmeal
  • Sugar
  • Natural Guava
  • Evaporated milk

Now that you have the main thing, why not accompany it with the rich and traditional Mexican desserts very traditional in the Christmas season, so to complete these dishes we leave you these desserts.

Apple’s Christmas Salad

Manzzana salad

To accompany the Christmas dinner, the ideal is this rich and traditional “Christmas Apple Salad”, it is a very rich and easy dessert to prepare so you only need the following ingredients to prepare it, which are:

  • Grape
  • Yellow apple
  • Nut
  • Cream
  • Pineapple in syrup
  • Sugar

 The Buñuelos


For dessert there are also buñuelos, the traditional ones in Mexico are made with honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon. During the Christmas season, you can see a lot of sugary fritters, sometimes they are also prepared at some parties with Mexican traditions.

Which of these dishes is your favorite for this Christmas?

At the Mexico Daily Post we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!