Tiago Ramos: Neymar’s mother’s boyfriend stabbed in the neck in Mexico, almost dies


Tiago Ramos, who burst onto the scene after dating PSG star Neymar Jr’s mother Nadine Santos, was allegedly stabbed in the neck in a Mexico hotel

Former footballer Tiago Ramos has shared disturbing footage on social media over the weekend from his outing in Mexico. The 24-year-old gamer burst onto the scene after his relationship with Neymar Jr’s mother Nadine Santos. Ramos claimed that he was stabbed in a restaurant just days after having met Neymar’s mother in Cancun. 

Neymar mother: Tiago Ramos stabbed in a Mexican restaurant, claims he almost died

Tiago Ramos took to social media over the weekend where he posted revealing that he had been stabbed in Mexico. In the video, one can spot a lot of blood running through his neck area, and the 24-year-old said that he almost died for something he did not do. Revealing the incident, Ramos said that he arrived at a restaurant and asked for a plate of meat. However, they wouldn’t let him stay there and he was surrounded by three men, of which one stabbed him. The former footballer also revealed he was alone in Mexico, appearing to confirm that Neymar’s mother had returned to Brazil without him after jetting with him to Cancun.

According to Brazilian media outlets Extra and Lance, Tiago Ramos is bisexual and previously has had relationships with Neymar’s cook Mauro, the adviser Irinaldo Oliver, the famous influencer Carlinhos Maia and was in a three-way relationship with Hans Madrid and Raphael Stemberg. The gamer-model is four years younger than Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar and 28 years younger than divorced mother-of-two Nadine. According to The Sun, Nadine and Ramos are in ad on-off relationship and Neymar’s mother reportedly gave the 24-year-old a second chance by flying with him to a five-star hotel in Mexico last week. 

The report also states that Brazilian journalist Sonia Abrao claimed Neymar’s mum had raced to Tiago’s rescue late last month after he suffered an emotional crisis believed to be linked to their break-up. The 24-year-old has been vocal about his battle with depression, with a series of social media posts.

Following revelations of his sexuality, there was alleged pressure on Nadine from her family, and the couple parted ways. Tiago Ramos has previously met Neymar, and he PSG star had given the couple his blessing and support. 

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