Sanitization actions carried out at Doña Urraca Hotel & Spa in Querétaro (VIDEO)


The sanitization in tourism establishments while receiving tourists is not only necessary, but it is a way to start protocols maintain the competitiveness of our industry worldwide. American and Canadian citizens are representing more than 50 % of the tourist influx in Mexico, it is obvious that the decision-making of tourists about the places to visit will have a marked preference in those establishments that are doing something about it. “ declared Juan Pablo Saloma General Director of the National Tourism Guide and the contest 100 Imperdibles de México.

The possible success of this return to tourist destinations will depend at the beginning on the behavior of the national market, it also depends on the level of organization we have, the importance of communicating to the world that businesses are generating actions in this regard is crucial, it is also about implementing measures that make guests feel safe without invading their space and privacy, a delicate balance between health care and good service will make them forget even this whole matter.

To identify the needs that an establishment would have prior to its reopening, it is important to know what are the immediate measures and which are the permanent ones, but each business defines this according to the level of influxes and the type of operation of its business, that is, We cannot give the same sanitary treatment to a restaurant and a cinema, for each case and according to the interaction of the users in the establishment, parameters and recommendations will be defined to generate a safe stay.

Some of the measures that companies such as Grupo Posadas have implemented are based on the intensification of cleaning brigades and latest generation products to combat the dissipation of viruses and bacteria at the different points of contact with tourists, constant cleaning of common areas and measures of security for a more protected interaction, we do not yet know to what extent these measures are useful and if they are permanent, what we do know is that the rest of the businesses should consider taking similar actions and make it clear to their market that they are ready to serve with safety and hygiene.

Different tourist businesses are about to reopen their doors for tourism and although the effort to prepare is great, it is worth being an experience well evaluated by users, the #EstanciaSegura Hashtag is used to identify that the necessary sanitary measures have been implemented to offer the services in a responsible manner.

Source: Discovery Quest Mexico

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