Six people reported dead from poisoning in Querétaro

Reportan la muerte por intoxicación de seis personas en Querétaro

In the town of Ejido Patria in the municipality of Colón, in the northwest of the state of Querétaro, six people died from poisoning with a substance that the Ministry of Health has not been able to identify.

“Apparently there are data on poisoning, although we cannot yet specify what the substance was. This is triggered because we are told that, apparently, there were already some more deaths in Colón; If the people died, then surely their relatives acted as they considered appropriate,” said the Secretary of Health, Martina Pérez Rendón.

The state official reported that only two people who had arrived at the General Hospital of Cadereyta de Montes, about 60 kilometers from the town of Ejido Patria, were aware of the death.

“Four people arrived at the General Hospital of Cadereyta, one unfortunately died almost immediately; of the other three, one died a little later, another requested voluntary discharge and one more is still with us in treatment,” she said on Wednesday.

However, the Ajuchitlán Delegation, located about 35 kilometers from Ejido Patria, confirmed the death of six people, requesting help for their families.

“… we will be receiving financial or in-kind support for the families of the community of Ejido Patria, since they are going through a complicated situation due to the death of six people from the community.”

The Secretary of Health of Querétaro said that they presume that the victims have

“The presumption is that they consumed some alcoholic beverage, the recommendation is that all alcoholic beverages that we consume, not only alcoholic ones, be purchased in recognized establishments.”

Newspaper reports say that some of the victims lost their lives in their homes due to the consumption of adulterated alcoholic beverages.

The municipal president of Colón, the PRI member Manuel Montes Hernández, released an obituary.

“… I join the pain of the community of Ejido Patria and its inhabitants for the irreparable loss of their loved ones (…) My deepest condolences to all the affected families. Know that you are not alone; our thoughts and prayers are with you,” she said.

The head of the Municipal DIF of Colón, Ana Cecilia Rodríguez, also released an obituary:

“May you find comfort in shared memories and in the strength of your community.”

The elected municipal president of Colón, Gaspar Trueba Moncada, of Movimiento Ciudadano, also spoke out:

“My prayers are with each one of you as you go through this unfortunate situation.”

The Secretary of Health, Martina Pérez Rendón, said that she had already notified the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Querétaro to carry out the investigations.

However, that institution, headed by Alejandro Echeverría Cornejo, has not yet reported on this matter.

“On the other hand, Protection against Health Risks will also try to investigate, because what was consumed, where they acquired it and if it is within the scope of the regulation made by this area of ​​Protection against Health Risks, because it will proceed according to the findings that it identifies.”

On Wednesday morning, the head of Health said that she could not specify when they would have information on the substance that caused the poisoning of the people in this Queretaro town.

“This happened last night (July 2), so they will just be issuing the order and I hope that today they can be there and well everything will depend on whether they have to take samples, if they send them to analyze, so I do not have a precise date to be able to give some result, right now the important thing is that the patient who is with us is evolving to improve, of course we will try to locate the person who asked for voluntary discharge, also to see what their health conditions are and, well, try to identify in the community if there are more cases.”

Source: proceso