Potential Tropical Cyclone One: Could it affect Querétaro?


Potential Tropical Cyclone One, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico, is approaching the territories of Tamaulipas. How much will it affect Querétaro?

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Conagua has been constantly monitoring the progress of Potential Tropical Cyclone One, which formed on Monday, June 17 in the Gulf of Mexico; as such, it has advanced towards the Mexican Republic, which has also brought torrential rains in 12 states. This phenomenon is already close to Yucatan and Tamaulipas, where it is expected to make landfall in the next few hours, according to information from the National Meteorological Service (SMN) on its official accounts and sites.

Specifically, the SMN has reported that the potential cyclone, called Alberto, will approach Mexico this Wednesday, June 19 and could enter Tamaulipas during the day. Likewise, said agency specified that the center of Potential Tropical Cyclone One is located 275 km west-northwest of Celestún, Yucatan, and 555 km east-southeast of La Pesca, Tamaulipas.

The cloud bands of this meteorological phenomenon will continue to produce heavy to torrential rains. If it becomes a hurricane, it is forecast to reach Category 1 status. This change would bring torrential rains, intense winds, hail and possible flooding in several regions of the country.

How serious is a Category 1 hurricane?

The Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, developed by agencies such as the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), classifies tropical cyclones into five categories based on the intensity of their winds and their potential damage.

Based on the above, a Category 1 cyclone has winds with speeds ranging from 119 to 153 km/h (74-95 mph). This type of cyclone can cause minor damage to structures, which mainly affects mobile homes, roofs and eaves, and can uproot shallow trees.

In addition, there is a considerable risk of coastal and urban flooding in low-lying areas, especially when combined with storm surges. Despite this, the truth is that a category one hurricane represents a minimal risk for the population compared to many other more intense ones, according to the scale proposed by Civil Protection of Oaxaca.

How will Hurricane Alberto affect the climate of Querétaro?

Potential Tropical Cyclone One could bring with it a storm of intense rains in various regions of Mexico starting this Tuesday. Such meteorological conditions will significantly affect the climate in several states of the country. As for how the climate will be affected in Querétaro, the entity will face continuous and abundant rainfall. Specifically, the Conagua forecast announces that there will be a 90% chance of rain for the following days in the state.

Source: aztecaqueretaro