Ice Demand in Querétaro Skyrockets


The president of the Querétaro Chamber of Commerce has warned that ice demand has increased by 150% and has depleted inventories in convenience stores and impacted the logistics of suppliers.

With the rise in maximum temperatures and the occurrence of heatwaves, the commerce sector reports a 150% increase in ice demand.

The president of the Querétaro Chamber of Commerce, Lorena Muñoz Altamira, highlighted that this phenomenon has depleted the inventories in convenience stores and impacted the logistics of suppliers.

“The inventories that convenience stores had planned for this month have been exceeded threefold, which implies that the demand towards the larger ice suppliers and icehouses increases,” she declared.

This situation has created logistical problems for the companies that supply ice, as the distribution of this product requires a specialized system for transportation.

The ice producers, she added, did not anticipate an early increase in ice demand. The problem has been more significant in the city of Querétaro and other areas of the state.

“At this moment, the icehouses are at 100% of their capacity, it remains a logistical situation and to rethink the construction of the inventories of each of the stores to prevent this situation,” she explained.

Due to the pressure on ice demand, she added, some establishments are considering limiting sales to certain units.

“Citizens are beginning to socialize the issue that it is more difficult to get ice, they start to buy more than they would normally consume. (…) Some stores are considering setting a supply limit per citizen, although it is not yet official,” she pointed out.

For the upcoming weekend, she referred, various establishments, including restaurants and bars, anticipate an 8% increase in their sales, mainly motivated by the heat season.

Dry Law Dismissed

Meanwhile, the businesswoman confirmed that the sale of alcoholic beverages will not be prohibited in the state during this weekend, when the electoral day will take place throughout the country.

The decision, she said, was made in coordination with state and electoral authorities, with the aim of not affecting consumption in businesses.

Lorena Muñoz mentioned that on the day of the election, some restaurants and convenience stores will offer incentives or courtesies to citizens who prove that they went to exercise their right to vote.

Source: El Economista