Querétaro Ranks in Top 10 for Job Creation


With the creation of 11,666 jobs in the state during the first quarter of the year, Querétaro has positioned itself as the ninth best in the country, according to a report by México ¿Cómo vamos? (MCV) analyzing the labor market in Q1.

States ranking higher than Querétaro include Nuevo León (with 36,727 jobs), State of Mexico (30,476), Sonora (27,273), Baja California (25,659), Jalisco (22,269), Coahuila (15,840), Guanajuato (15,338), and Quintana Roo (14,329).

Querétaro was among the 30 states that experienced growth in formal employment, as Mexico City and Tabasco reported a decline in employment levels. MCV highlighted the cases of these two entities, which lost jobs in Q1 2024 despite being among the top 20 a year ago.

The new jobs in Querétaro during the first three months of the year resulted from 6,697 jobs created in January, 6,198 in February, and a loss of 1,229 jobs in March.

The total employment growth in Querétaro from January to March this year was 3.7% compared to the first quarter of the previous year, making it the sixth highest growth rate in the country.

Querétaro was surpassed by Quintana Roo, which saw a 6.1% annual increase in formal employment, followed by Hidalgo (5.7%), Chiapas (5.4%), Nayarit (4.8%), and State of Mexico (4.4%).

MCV set a job creation target for each state. In the first quarter, Querétaro achieved a 180% fulfillment level, ranking seventh in the country. Sonora took the top spot with over 395%, followed by Quintana Roo with over 272%, Nuevo León with 256%, Baja California with 255%, Coahuila with 217%, and Nayarit with 181%.

In total, 14 states met their employment targets for the first quarter of the year, earning a green rating on the state job creation traffic light.

Given the ongoing electoral process, the citizen organization emphasizes that creating quality jobs should be a fundamental focus for candidates. Additionally, seven out of the nine states with gubernatorial elections are currently in the red zone.

Source: El Universal